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  Medical Nail TechnicianTM Course
A Medical Nail TechnicianTM (MNT) is a state licensed nail technician that has completed the Advanced Nail Technician Certification, then seven more modules of additional advanced training to prepare to work for a Podiatrist or other physicians. After completing the online MNT course, he or she experienced a one week Internship under the direction of a participating Podiatrist or other physician to learn the practical skills needed for working in a medical office. .

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What are the MNT's duties?


The Medical Nail Technician is trained to assist the physician in his/her podiatry practice as well as perform cosmetic and medical pedicures on his patients or the MNT may perform only cosmetic and medical pedicures in the office. The physician will market the nail technician's services to the practice patients, and may market to the public also. Some podiatrists are opening medispa-type facilities, called Foot Spas, hiring Medical Nail Technicians to perform cosmetic services within a medical spa atmosphere.

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Many nail technicians may work part time in a physician's office and the rest of their time in a spa or salon or full time in a medical office. The office experience is a change of pace and a positive experience that broadens the technician's experience in the industry he or she loves.


Do you want MORE in your career?

More challenge?
More Knowledge?

The Medical Nail Technician Certification can give you that "MORE."

You can step up to an interesting and different level in your career, one not previously available to nail technicians.  You will discover that physicians need  Medical Nail Technicians in their offices. They  appreciate this trained MNT's skills, while their  patients appreciate their comfort care and services.

Other technicians do not want to work in a physician's office but want the knowledge this level of information provides concerning their clients.


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The Medical Nail TechnicianTM


Works capably in a medical setting
Understands medical protocols 
Steps beyond career expectations
Understands radiograph (x-rays)  and can take them
Performs safe Manicures/Pedicures on at-risk clients
Display an MNT Certificate
Performs all the ANT skills
Participates on    
Understands/executes aseptic techniques
Performs medical pedicures in medical setting only
Knows how to choose products/equipment
Performs an appropriate foot exam
Recognizes diseases/disorders
Sets up of a sterile field, when needed 
Knows how to medically chart for a physician
Uses PPEs


Athena Elliot, MNT and Dr Sherman Nagler, Houston, TX



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